Dothan, Ala. – named one of the #TopPBCities in America

Nearly half of the U.S. peanut crop is grown, and much of it processed, within a 100-mile radius of Dothan, Ala., making it “The Peanut Capital of the World.”

“A Salute to the Peanut Industry” honors the humble peanut and its impact on the local economy of Dothan.

The city’s public art even pays homage to the humble peanut’s local economic impact. “Peanuts Around Town” (download a PDF map below) is a collection of more than 40 five-foot tall peanut statues positioned by local businesses and organizations. A city mural shows the history of planting and harvesting peanuts and features Dr. George Washington Carver, who developed more than 300 uses for the peanut.

To celebrate the peanut harvest, half of which will go to making peanut butter, the city hosts a 10-day National Peanut Festival each November (this year’s is Nov. 3-12). Miss and Little Miss Peanut Festival are crowned each year to serve as ambassadors of the event and peanut industry. A note to festival-goers, no one leaves without enjoying a cup of hot, juicy fresh-boiled peanuts.

If you can’t make it to Dothan, celebrate from afar by making peanut butter pie – a classic in these parts.

Dothan PB Gems

Visit Dothan:

National Peanut Festival – Nov. 3-12, 2017:

Peanuts Around Town – download the map! Download

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