Peanut Butter Prevails on Pinterest!

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This National Peanut Month we’re celebrating peanut butter creativity! Mouth-watering recipes are gracing the pages of Pinterest, and we couldn’t resist sharing a few of our favorite finds:

Beverage: Peanut butter banana shake
Appetizer: Asian-style chicken bruschetta
Salad: Cucumber peanut salad
Soup: African sweet potato soup with peanut butter, black-eyed peas and beans
Dessert: Peanut butter pies

For entrée inspiration, check out the winners of our 2011 “PB my way” recipe contest.

From a peanut butter shake to peanut butter pie, push the culinary envelope with delicious, nutritious, affordable peanut butter. Do you have a creative, budget-friendly peanut butter recipe? Submit it in the third-annual “PB my way” recipe contest.

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