Realize the economic impact of adding peanut butter to menus.

Profit Punch Across Your Menu

Just a few tablespoons of peanut butter can entice sales and lift the profit margin of any menu cohort. Peanut butter remains one of the most cost-effective ingredients. And no matter where it falls on your menu, it sticks to your bottom line!


Reasons to Stick with Peanut Butter

Protein for Pennies

One of the hot trends to keep an eye out for is veggie-forward restaurants. According to Mintel Menu Insights, vegetables as center of the plate grew two percent from Q3 2013-16. For mere pennies, you can combat a lack of protein in these dishes (now in high-demand from carnivores and herbivores alike) by adding peanut butter in center of the plate menu items such as pastas, noodle bowls and entrée salads.

Long Shelf-life

Peanut butter has a relatively long shelf life. General guidelines for storage are 6 to 9 months unopened, and 2 to 3 months after opening. Some foodservice operators prefer to store peanut butter in a refrigerator or freezer if space is available.

Elvis Has Left the Building…but Not the Menu

It’s long been documented Elvis Presley’s love for peanut butter. In fact, he is the architect of the now-famous Peanut Butter Banana Bacon Sandwich. Riffs off Elvis’ iconic ingredient trio have been gracing menus for decades, so make sure these fun items stand out on your menu. According to a study from Cornell University, people choose descriptive menu items 27 percent more than normally labeled menu choices.

The King

Grilled cheese is a menu staple for both kids and adults, so PLUS UP the original panini by adding some of the King’s favorite “condiments” of bananas, bacon and, of course, peanut butter!

All Shook Up

Turn a classic Bananas Foster upside down with a creamy peanut butter sauce complete with salty bacon crumbles, or blend up all the ingredients to tap into the latest trend of extravagant shakes.