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The Power of Peanuts.

From heart healthy benefits to sustainability, this little “nut” has the power to make a mighty impact from your home kitchen to a professional practice.

Promote a healthy lifestyle

Support sustainability from farm to table

Boost peanut allergy awareness & prevention

Promote a healthy lifestyle

Support sustainability from farm to table

Boost peanut allergy awareness & prevention

Changing How the World Sees Peanuts

At Peanut Butter Lovers, we believe in the power of peanuts to change the world. The global impact of peanuts starts with sustainable farming practices in the United States and reaches across oceans and borders to help treat severely malnourished children. Between incorporating peanuts into your everyday lifestyle and celebrating peanuts as a nutritious and sustainable choice, all peanut butter lovers (including you!) can contribute to a collectively healthier and better-informed society. We offer lots of tasty and fun ways to do just that!

Promote a healthy lifestyle

From delicious recipes to information on heart health, you’ll find resources to support your passion for incorporating and promoting peanuts as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Support sustainability from farm to table

Peanuts are one of the most sustainable crops! When you eat peanuts, you’re helping make an impact that goes beyond your physical health.

Boost peanut allergy awareness & prevention

The latest research shows that peanut allergies are preventable! We are on a mission to change the conversation around and standards for early introduction to peanuts.

Peanut Power: Healthier people. Healthier planet.

Embrace your love for peanuts and help elevate the peanut to new heights! We’re on a mission to create a world where:

  • It’s easy to embrace wholesome and nutritious meal options
  • Local farmers and sustainability efforts are supported
  • Peanut allergies are even more rare thanks to a standard around early introduction
  • Awareness and education around food allergies help people feel safer when making meal and snack choices
  • People live longer, healthier lives thanks to a variety of peanut-powered options
unlock the power of peanuts and peanut butter
Spreading the PB Love

Fellow peanut butter lovers unite! Peanut Butter Lovers is proud to serve our peanut-loving community from the farmers in Georgia and Mississippi who are proud to grow the peanuts for your favorite peanut butter to the parents spreading that golden goodness for lunchboxes nationwide. Whether it’s supporting your programs or just helping you find a fun new recipe, our mission is to empower you with the knowledge you need to make a difference in your work or in your own kitchen.

Promote Peanuts with a Message that Sticks

Step 1: Request Your Peanut Kit

Request promotional peanut products to enhance your programs! Our build-your-own toolkits include brochures, recipes and swag.

Step 2: Share Peanut Education

Positively impact your community and environment with knowledge about the benefits of peanuts and their impact on daily lives.

Step 3: Spread the PB Love

Watch how your programs positively impact the community from education to health to the pure enjoyment of this tiny but mighty superfood.

Let's Change the Conversation Around Peanut Allergy

Peanut allergy is a rare – but serious – condition. There is now a lot we can do to prevent peanut allergies and to help manage and treat peanut allergies safely.

  • The 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans now recommend that ALL babies begin eating baby-friendly peanut foods within the first year.
  • Babies with eczema and/or egg allergy should begin eating baby-friendly peanut foods as early as 4-6 months to help prevent peanut allergy.
  • The window for prevention is early and small so the key is early and often! Think 2 tsp. 3 times per week.
  • Management plans for food allergies in schools should be evidence-based and well-communicated.
If you’re a Peanut (Butter) Lover, you wont want to miss this!

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