by pblovers

We all love peanuts for how they taste. But what you may not know is they are also incredibly sustainable. As we search for foods that cause as little impact on the planet as possible –and do the most good for our health – peanuts provide an answer we’ve known all along.


Peanut Sustainability 101

A few reasons why peanuts are good for our planet, our health and communities everywhere.

Peanuts Water Usage

Did you know peanuts require very little water to grow?

Beneficial Characteristics of the Peanut Plant

See how peanut sustainability begins with the positive characteristics of the peanut plant.

Chef Steven Satterfield

Making Sustainable More Attainable

Chef Steven Satterfield discusses how the peanut plant is one of the most sustainable sources of plant-based protein available and demonstrates three of his favorite peanut-related recipes in a series of short videos.