MANA Nutrition facility in Georgia

MANA Nutrition Expands

USAID announces $200 million for RUTF

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In the fight against global malnutrition, every victory counts. And MANA Nutrition’s recent expansion is a major step forward.

MANA Nutrition, a leading U.S. producer of ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) packs, is expanding its Georgia facility with a $200 million boost from USAID. This expansion will more than double their production capacity, enabling MANA to feed over 10,000 severely malnourished children for six weeks, up from the current 4,000.

The new 38,000-square-foot addition underscores the importance of domestic production in addressing global malnutrition. By using locally-grown peanuts and manufacturing in Georgia, MANA supports local farmers while saving lives worldwide.

RUTF, made from peanuts, milk powder, oil, sugar, and nutrients, costs less than $1 a day and has a 90% recovery rate. Three packets daily for six weeks can dramatically improve a child’s health.

Since 2009, MANA has helped nearly 5.5 million children and aims to reach 3 million more in 2024. The expanded facility can now produce over 300,000 pounds of RUTF daily, enough to feed more than 10,000 children for six weeks.

Joe Boddiford, chairman of the Georgia Peanut Commission, highlighted the collaboration with USAID and private support to help hungry families worldwide. USAID Administrator Samantha Power announced the new $200 million commitment, calling for further partnerships to combat malnutrition.

The U.S. Peanut Federation supports USAID’s efforts and has advocated for RUTF funding in Washington, D.C. RUTF products will be distributed through partners like UNICEF and the UN World Food Program to areas in need, such as Gaza and Ethiopia.

MANA Nutrition’s RUTF packets, composed of peanut paste, milk, and essential vitamins and minerals, provide life-saving nutrition to children suffering from severe malnutrition.

Original publication: Southeastern Peanut Farmer – May/June 2024

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