Enjoy Value-Packed Peanut Butter Year-Round

by pblovers

With stories of rising food costs hitting the news, it’s important to look for ingredients with the most value. Peanut butter offers an affordable, nutritious and versatile option for many Americans each day.

Affordability: At less than 20 cents per serving and shelf-stable for up to two years, peanut butter is an unbeatable protein source. Thrifty cooks craving economical meals and full flavor can try the following three recipes, each ringing up for less than $2 per serving:

Nutrition: Peanut butter offers great nutritional bang for your buck. It is a great source of plant-based protein, and can help prevent diseases and manage weight when consumed as part of a healthy diet. One 2-tablespoon serving of peanut butter provides 8 grams of protein. Get the facts on food allergies, and learn how to incorporate peanut butter into your diet for healthy eating.

Versatility: Peanut butter’s rich, nutty flavor profile and texture lend themselves perfectly to savory and sweet treats alike, from African stews and Thai dipping sauces, to breakfast smoothies and sweet desserts. Try these simple, spreadworthy PB suggestions:

– Stir with honey to create a topping for yogurt, cottage cheese or ice cream
– Add it to your breakfast smoothie, blending yogurt and banana with PB for a protein-packed meal to jump start your day
– Surprise your taste buds by mixing it with chili sauce or creamy cheese
– Apples, bananas and pears love peanut butter, but get adventurous and spread it on some other favorite fruits, like watermelon and figs…and don’t forget the veggies
– Serve on whole wheat alongside soups, chili or stew, for a hearty, healthy treat

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