Farm-to-Table Peanut Harvest Tour 2019

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An All-Expenses Paid Foodservice Scholarship, sponsored by Southern Peanut Growers

Farm-to-Table Peanut Tour 2019


A three-day Peanut Harvest Tour that will immerse culinarians, chefs, culinary instructors and foodservice professionals in the entire peanut industry, from farm to table in authentic Southern style.

Dubbed the “Peanut Capital of the World,” scholars will spend time in Dothan, Alabama with family farmers digging up peanuts and learning about farming practices, today’s technology and the sustainability of peanut crops. Attendees will then visit a buying point and shelling plant to see the steps taken during processing to ensure safe, nutritious peanut products. Additional tour stops will give greater perspective on the land-grant university system (research and education) that is critical to the success of agriculture. This experience promises fresh boiled peanuts, supper on the farm and plenty o’ sweet tea!

Sunday, Oct. 20 (arrive for dinner) through Wednesday, Oct. 23 (depart on early afternoon flights)

Greater Dothan, Alabama region and peanut farms and production facilities in southeastern Alabama

All applications must be received by Thursday, August 1, 2019,
11:59 p.m. EST

An all-expenses paid tour, including transportation to, from and around Dothan, AL, hotel lodging, meals and materials.


the farm-to-table journey: see how peanuts are harvested, handled and shelled for use in quality products.

family farmers and discover the sustainability of peanut crops, including their natural ability to renew nutrients for the soil.

yourself in the Southern food culture, from local chefs to supper on the farm.

about the current research on peanut allergies and best practices for handling in foodservice settings.

with university researchers who study the genetic diversity of peanuts, innovate farm practices and add value to the peanut crop.

I returned to Pennsylvania with a new outlook on peanuts and the entire process that happens with peanuts before you see them on any store shelves. The Southern Peanut Growers and the Georgia Peanut Commission take their peanuts very seriously and are quite proud of the products that they produce. This experience has opened my eyes to farming in a whole new aspect and has created an even higher sense of respect for those who dedicate their life to supplying our world with such nutritious (and let’s not forget delicious!) foods. I thank you for this amazing opportunity and look forward to sharing my new-found knowledge of the peanut process with my students.

Melinda McIsaac, MA, CEC, FMP
Chef Instructor
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Academy of Culinary Arts


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